Festival Rebranding

The project below was to rebrand a longstanding wine festival in Northern Virginia. The festival is changing from just a wine festival to a wine, beer, and spirit festival to attract a more diverse demographic. Below are three logo options I created for rebranding. The first photo is the original logo. There were three options on the table in terms of the festival name: 1) Vintage Virginia Wine, Beer, & Spirits Festival, 2) NoVA BevFest, and 3) Vintage Virginia NoVA Wine, Beer, & Spirits Festival. 


I found the original logo (to the left) to be a bit dated, and the company was seeking a modern but fun redesign that felt more like a logo instead of just stacked text. Struggling to convey what he was looking for, I took an initial stab with the three designs below to convey the different directions the logo could go in.


This option was inspired by the feel of masculine alcoholic beverages: traditional with classic embellishments. I was inspired to create this idea because at the original festival, when it was just a wine festival, the main demographic that participated in the event was women.


I used this design as a way to show an eccentric, hip example of how we could use the NoVA BevFest (Short for "Beverage Festival") name to entice a younger, more diversified crowd to attend. This options gives off a zany vibe and reminds me of a festival the most of all of the designs. 


My third design was meant to look classy and modern. Because the new audience we were seeking to attract was still up in the air, minus the fact that we were seeking to engage more from the male demographic, I wanted to show an option that exuded a more mature feeling.


After consulting with the rest of the team, they decided they liked the NoVA BevFest option the most, but the CEO of the company then became sure that he wanted a logo that included a design element like a bottle of wine or a barrel of some sort. Understanding the elements he appreciated most about the NoVA BevFest design, which was how "fun" it seemed, I created the logo below, which uses the name of the festival that was finally decided upon: